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What Others are Saying...

...If you are looking for an authentic buffet experience or are coming home from a long hike, or a visit with Popeye, take your family to Reid's Harvest House, see if they enjoy it, before your kids are too old to go back to it one day when they themselves have grown. Read the full review here.


“On a scale of one to ten, this restaurant gets a TEN.” Review found here.


We make the drive down to Reid's a few times a year for their Friday Night Seafood buffet and it is well worth the trip.
If you want a good buffet you will not be disappointed with Reid's!
Review found here.


I am a former employee reids is an all around wonderful place they have great food i should know i used to be the fri cook on Sea Food Fridays If your looking for a wonderful evening with the family Reids is the place to go. Review found here.